Green Deal or No Deal

Many organisations from various business sectors are looking to this year’s proposed Green Deal as a key element to boost the home improvement market, which hopefully it will but from what I am learning as I explore this opportunity it is not as straight forward as we might think.

The new meaning for Greenhouse

As a “Double Glazing” man, there is said it out loud, I am one of the many that hope it will give us something to get our teeth into but I think there is a lot more to it than knocking someone’s door and saying “ Want your windows done Mrs the Electric company will pay”.

I draw many similarities to the former Decent Home Scheme where the government stumped up a few quid in order to raise the standard of thousands of homes in the United Kingdom, unfortunately this scheme was scrapped due to cutbacks which left many of us with an empty order book.

This scheme was delivered through partnering which really meant main contractors and procurement agencies orchestrating the schemes not the SME are who actually did the work.

From what I see the products will be controlled into the market by The Green Deal providers who will do the Energy Survey arrange finance and control the supply chain and products into the installation, reading the criteria it appears a little out of reach for the average company.

In addition to this the method for repayment of the loan is measurable savings and meter feed in revenue so to me indicates that the key element of the whole scheme is Solar to provide an easy measurable repayment vehicle, can’t see windows alone doing this because the home owner would need to guarantee a reduction in energy and it may not meet the financial model for repayment.

My advice to my fellow “Double Glaziers” is get your products certified and performing to the best thermal efficiency and security possible our Protherm Windows are available with Secured by Design with a U Value of 0.8W/m2K and our Prodoor Composite Door at 1.0W/m2K and we will continue strive to do better.

Review your own business practices and its carbon footprint because this will play a part in the decision making process by the big boys because it is how they are scored also.

Then get yourself amongst the market leaders and let them know you can offer a good local service because part of the overview will be local sustainability and social impact so don’t ignore it, call me a tree hugger but every application and tender I submit focuses on sustainability and we enforce it throughout our working practices.

If you just focus on being “in the game” with the bigger organisations who provide The Green Deal then I believe you will reap some rewards but don’t wait until October or it might be too late.

Good Luck

Alan Sadler

About Sadleronline

Alan Sadler born June 24th 1964 in Birmingham, England married with 3 children and now living in Staffordshire. Managing Director of The Profix Group incorporating Profix Ltd, Fabstore Ltd and Trinity Construction Partnership Ltd he trained as a Carpenter after leaving school. Following his apprenticeship he created a labour agency at the age of 22 called Sadler Design Installation. This was in the early years of the PVCu window industry boom and it was not long until he was providing skilled craftsmen to window manufacturing companies and Local Authorities for their commercial contracts. Due to many commercial contracts awarded and due to the large quantities of product the company was buying it was a natural progression to start their own manufacturing business to supply the Private Sector. Profix have a long history of success in the commercial market for the installation of windows, doors, conservatories and other associated products including Composite doors as our customer base will bear testament. The Profix Group also supply other window and door manufactures including installers with products and components through our online business portal Fabstore which has been marketing and trading online since 2003. “My outlook on life is simple, love your family, work hard, have fun and try to help others less fortunate than yourself, I do a bit of charity work which usually means punishing myself in some sport related scheme and trust me I am no sportsman ! I have had much success (and a few failures) in my working life and hopefully by sharing some of my life experiences will help generations of budding entrepreneurs to follow.” Alan Sadler
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