Happy 80th Deadly Doris

80 years ago today (1st Feb) a world changing moment happened, the world was graced with the addition of a beautiful soul, my mom Doris.

Leading up to this historic day she has dropped her shoulder a few times on actually admitting how old is she really is, like the queen I am sure she has several birthdays a year and misses a few every other leap year.

Our Mom

For those who know “Deadly Dancin Doris” you may agree she is a bit of a case!  and puts her own slant on common phrases when getting her ”worms middled up” but can reduce a crowd to silence with tales from her youth when she was one of 7 children bought up single handed by her mom Polly due to the early passing of her father.

One of my favourites is when her friends were going swimming but because the family was so poor she didn’t have a bathing costume, so her friends decided to make her one from some old velvet curtains, so off she went feeling proud as punch with her new regalia.

This joy was short lived due to the stitching in the swimsuit coming apart leaving her in the shallows clutching the living room drapes to try and preserve her dignity.

She didn’t learn to drive until she was 60 and a trip in her rally Ford KA is enough to make Evil Kinevil brick it, pulling off at 6000 rpm riding the clutch while waving to us is a sight to behold.

While we were growing she always had her hands full with 3 sons and as we got older and faster we managed to escape the clip around the ear, but she was a bit too street wise for us, a few strategically placed fishing rod tops gave her the extension to our backsides she needed to get her point across.

So happy birthday my beautiful mother you don’t look or act 80 and thanks for always being the one who pulls our family together and smothering us in love and affection.

Love ya Dexter x x x


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