January Gloom

Well we are halfway through the worst month of the year, the Christmas cheer has gone and the new year resolutions are already under strain plus that gym membership you’re paying £ 60 a month for is not getting you fit, the fact you have to go to the gym to achieve fitness was not explained when you signed up and why do they sell beer and burgers ?

If you’re running or involved in running a business the pressure is worse, no one pays but things need paying, suppliers, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE  all are due and order intake is down.

You speak to a friendly competitor and ask them ”hows biz?” when you hear “really busy actually” resist wanting to kill them but indicate to them in a stern but friendly manner perhaps you are not telling you the whole truth, for me the direct response is best but I promised not to swear on here .

Dawson The Methane Factory

To top that when you get home the “Mrs” has got the holiday brochures out “I really fancy Brazil” yeah and I really fancy Kylie but that isn’t happening either! So we agree to disagree but she suggests now the kids are grown up it would be nice to take the dog. Take the Dog! Yeah the dog really needs a holiday although I am pretty sure if I could harness the methane that comes out of him we could halve our fuel costs.

So time to knuckle down and generate some business in a pretty quiet market, for my fellow window and door colleagues it is time to up your game, make sure your products and service tick all the boxes so you don’t give the potential buyer an opportunity to say no because XYZ company products are higher up the food chain than yours.

It is no secret this year will be a tough but don’t give up before you try, work hard, try new things and stay focused, you will be OK, stay away from the negative crowd they will only bring you down.

That said I’m off now to develop my Methane Regeneration Engine for my flatulent Pup.

And remember………………..

“This time next year Rodney we will be millionaires” ~ Delboy Trotter

Alan Sadler

About Sadleronline

Alan Sadler born June 24th 1964 in Birmingham, England married with 3 children and now living in Staffordshire. Managing Director of The Profix Group incorporating Profix Ltd, Fabstore Ltd and Trinity Construction Partnership Ltd he trained as a Carpenter after leaving school. Following his apprenticeship he created a labour agency at the age of 22 called Sadler Design Installation. This was in the early years of the PVCu window industry boom and it was not long until he was providing skilled craftsmen to window manufacturing companies and Local Authorities for their commercial contracts. Due to many commercial contracts awarded and due to the large quantities of product the company was buying it was a natural progression to start their own manufacturing business to supply the Private Sector. Profix have a long history of success in the commercial market for the installation of windows, doors, conservatories and other associated products including Composite doors as our customer base will bear testament. The Profix Group also supply other window and door manufactures including installers with products and components through our online business portal Fabstore which has been marketing and trading online since 2003. “My outlook on life is simple, love your family, work hard, have fun and try to help others less fortunate than yourself, I do a bit of charity work which usually means punishing myself in some sport related scheme and trust me I am no sportsman ! I have had much success (and a few failures) in my working life and hopefully by sharing some of my life experiences will help generations of budding entrepreneurs to follow.” Alan Sadler
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