Happy 80th Deadly Doris

80 years ago today (1st Feb) a world changing moment happened, the world was graced with the addition of a beautiful soul, my mom Doris.

Leading up to this historic day she has dropped her shoulder a few times on actually admitting how old is she really is, like the queen I am sure she has several birthdays a year and misses a few every other leap year.

Our Mom

For those who know “Deadly Dancin Doris” you may agree she is a bit of a case!  and puts her own slant on common phrases when getting her ”worms middled up” but can reduce a crowd to silence with tales from her youth when she was one of 7 children bought up single handed by her mom Polly due to the early passing of her father.

One of my favourites is when her friends were going swimming but because the family was so poor she didn’t have a bathing costume, so her friends decided to make her one from some old velvet curtains, so off she went feeling proud as punch with her new regalia.

This joy was short lived due to the stitching in the swimsuit coming apart leaving her in the shallows clutching the living room drapes to try and preserve her dignity.

She didn’t learn to drive until she was 60 and a trip in her rally Ford KA is enough to make Evil Kinevil brick it, pulling off at 6000 rpm riding the clutch while waving to us is a sight to behold.

While we were growing she always had her hands full with 3 sons and as we got older and faster we managed to escape the clip around the ear, but she was a bit too street wise for us, a few strategically placed fishing rod tops gave her the extension to our backsides she needed to get her point across.

So happy birthday my beautiful mother you don’t look or act 80 and thanks for always being the one who pulls our family together and smothering us in love and affection.

Love ya Dexter x x x


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Cyber Friends

It seems the world has gone Cyber Friend mad and unless you have 1000’s of friends or followers you are considered to be behind in the new world.

Let’s just take a step back and apply the Facebook and Twitter approach to real life relationship building, would it work?

I know a few like this

So you’re at an exhibition and you see someone you have always wanted to do business with and using your new Facebook friend approach you walk up to them and say “Can I be Your Friend ? I have some photo’s you can look at if you like” Knowing some of the stalwart businessmen in our industry you would probably get a slap BUT should they agree to be a friend not sure how they would respond to you wanting to poke them every now and again !!

So the real life Facebook approach failed, so try the real life Twitter approach, you’re at the football and watching the players enter the ground followed by the WAG’s one of them is slightly famous and you say “Are you on Twitter ? Can I follow you?” She says yes and gives you her @username but you actually follow her into the club, then to her seat, then to the loo, then back to her seat then I am sure a nice security guard would give you the guided tour to the exit and perhaps a nice Judge would give you a restraining order.

And imagine your real friends keep giving you pointless updates in 140 characters or less “Watching Emerdale”  “At Work” “Looking forward to Friday” “Had a curry last night loo roll in the fridge” Who blooming cares !!!

Please don’t get me wrong I love a bit of social networking and have activities in a few arenas but always prefer a chat or even pint with friends and customers, I have met some people I now call friends and customers over the interweb so that can’t be a bad thing.

I think what I am saying at is simple, while Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, email marketing etc are all with us and are here to stay never forget the human touch, the old saying “People buy off people” sounds corny but it is true, don’t hide behind a Cyber Wall go and introduce yourself you never know where it might lead.

Alan Sadler

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January Gloom

Well we are halfway through the worst month of the year, the Christmas cheer has gone and the new year resolutions are already under strain plus that gym membership you’re paying £ 60 a month for is not getting you fit, the fact you have to go to the gym to achieve fitness was not explained when you signed up and why do they sell beer and burgers ?

If you’re running or involved in running a business the pressure is worse, no one pays but things need paying, suppliers, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE  all are due and order intake is down.

You speak to a friendly competitor and ask them ”hows biz?” when you hear “really busy actually” resist wanting to kill them but indicate to them in a stern but friendly manner perhaps you are not telling you the whole truth, for me the direct response is best but I promised not to swear on here .

Dawson The Methane Factory

To top that when you get home the “Mrs” has got the holiday brochures out “I really fancy Brazil” yeah and I really fancy Kylie but that isn’t happening either! So we agree to disagree but she suggests now the kids are grown up it would be nice to take the dog. Take the Dog! Yeah the dog really needs a holiday although I am pretty sure if I could harness the methane that comes out of him we could halve our fuel costs.

So time to knuckle down and generate some business in a pretty quiet market, for my fellow window and door colleagues it is time to up your game, make sure your products and service tick all the boxes so you don’t give the potential buyer an opportunity to say no because XYZ company products are higher up the food chain than yours.

It is no secret this year will be a tough but don’t give up before you try, work hard, try new things and stay focused, you will be OK, stay away from the negative crowd they will only bring you down.

That said I’m off now to develop my Methane Regeneration Engine for my flatulent Pup.

And remember………………..

“This time next year Rodney we will be millionaires” ~ Delboy Trotter

Alan Sadler

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GM Fundraising Golf Day

Dave Martin great sand save

This year’s GM Fundraising Golf Day at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort, was arguably the best yet, with an amazing £9,405.20 raised during the event. As the industry’s preferred charity, it highlighted the continued generosity of the companies and individuals involved. 

There were a number of prizes including leading individuals, Malcolm MacKenzie of Lifestyle Windows and John Hewitt of Glazerite, with the winning team from Mila Hardware. Joint runners up in the team event went to Glazerite Windows and Dekko Window Systems. David Higgs from Promac Group was nearest the pin and Mick Madigan of Quickslide hit the longest drive. 

Once the day’s festivities were completed, there was a little networking at the bar, before the attendees made a quick turnaround for the evening event. GM Fundraising has built an impressive reputation for putting the fun back into fundraising and did not disappoint with an auction, raffle and impressive 3 course dinner.

The Profix Team strike the pose

GM Fundraising will be putting on a further charity event in the near future, in the form of the Gala Dinner and will be looking to pass the £3/4 million pound mark raised for Hope House Children’s Hospices. It’s an event not to be missed and there will be a full announcement coming soon, so follow us on twitter @gmfundraising and help build our following!

Gary Morton, chairman of GM Fundraising commented: “Every year I applaud the industry and yet again we’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. More than ever Hope House needs our support, at a time when their income is considerably down. Events like this help re-address the balance and we hope to put on an amazing Gala Dinner in the near future. Thank you once again to all those involved.”

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GMF Charity Handover

The GMF Team with David Featherstone

I am proud to be part of GM Fundraising, the glazing industry’s charity of choice, and we have just handed over a cheque for £102,880.71 to Hope House Children’s Hospices after yet another action packed year of cycling, golf and some school antics ! 

The main focus of the year was the Rome 2 Home bike ride, a 1,500 mile cycle ride from Rome to Hope House Children’s Hospice in Oswestry. This included the Tour De France’s most feared climb, Mont Ventoux. On average it took riders 2 hours to cycle up the infamous 16.27 mile climb to an elevation of 6,273 feet at the summit, twice the height of England’s highest mountain. “2 hours of hell” as someone explained!

In addition to this latest cycling epic, there was the annual golf day and the Skoolz Out Gala Dinner that provided further, much needed, funds for Hope House Children’s Hospices.

Following a recent visit by the GM Fundraising team, the hospice will be soon opening a new centre which is being specifically built to provide bereavement counselling for both parents and siblings.

GMF chairman, Gary Morton, comments: “We’ve had another amazing year with yet another bike ride, golf day and the gala dinner. The money raised was due almost entirely to the generosity of the window and glass industry, who even in such difficult times, continue to support us. This money will directly support terminally ill children and their families. We want to do so much more for them and carry on the momentum we have built over the last 16 years.”
He continues: ”We’ve got exciting plans for 2011 so watch this space or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or at www.gmfundraising.co.uk

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Your 24/7 Salesman

Visit the Demo Site

The Profix Group provide a fully branded website with a built in designer that calculates the price of a door based on your pricing structure for supply only or supply and fix, depending on your market.

Imagine having a 24/7 salesman working while you’re not!

It’s also a great way to leave your customers designing their door options for you to follow up the next day without the pressure for trying to close the sale on the night.

Or being able to price a trade customer exactly what they want there and then printing the quotation on your branded documentation.

In addition we offer your own branded brochures, order forms, drop cards, mailers and installation boards.

Some benefits of Pro-Door

  • Fully accredited to PAS 23/24 and Secure by Design
  • 20 Different styles
  • Edge banded natural finish
  • 3D Adjustable Hinges
  • 8 Standard colours plus any RAL finish available
  • Comprehensive glass and hardware range
  • Your pricing structure even Supply and Fix
  • 2 CNC Composite door lines offering a reliable supply
  • Your own branded brochures, drop cards, order forms
  • 7 Day delivery all types of door including Fire Doors

All you have to do for all these benefits is become a customer

Alan Sadler

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Recycling Post Consumer Waste

Glass Recycling

Commercial glazing specialist Profix has recently completed a project for East Durham Homes, thanks to their comprehensive environmental procedures and reputation as a great and proven contractor.

 The £600,000 contract was to supply and fit both windows and composite doors to the housing stock owned by East Durham Homes in the Chappel Hill area of Durham, working alongside key partners Kier Construction and Fabstore.

There were specific objectives with respect to the environment which included the recycling of all waste materials involved in the project including the old windows and doors which were recycled at the Profix factory. It was also important to avoid any waste disposal in landfill or in incinerators with the key aim to reduce pollution and to help conserve all natural resources. Virgin raw materials were specified for the new windows and doors.

Recycled timber from old windows and doors

When it came to the recycling of the windows and doors, the handles went for metal re-processing, glass went into a separate skip and the old timber windows and doors were placed in a dedicated skip. Woodwaste Recycling collected their skip, the contents of which were destined for clean re-usable wood, demolition timber and pallets.

“It was important both for the contract and for our own processes to meet the necessary environmental criteria of this project. We already carry out all our recycling according to the latest waste management legislation and our ISO 14001 accreditation and this project has helped further increase our efforts. We look forward to working on other more environmentally sensitive projects in the near future.”

Alan Sadler

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Safe and Sound

Our Sound Solution

The residents surrounding Birmingham Airport, UK are now enjoying a little more peace and quiet thanks to the installation of new windows by Profix Ltd which have drastically reduced aircraft noise and have also provided enhanced thermal insulation.

The social housing specialist worked with Salford University  to develop a solution in accordance with the BRE and tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 – laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of building elements.

Profix’s own high performance acoustic glass was used which also allowed for the development of a window with improved energy efficiency. Not only do the residents benefit from less noise transmission, but they can also benefit from reduced energy bills thanks to the use of the Protherm range.

In addition to the sound and energy befefits the windows carried Kitemark and Secured by Design security accrediation, thus keeping sound and unwanted visitors out and heat and valuables in. 

Energy Star Phonic Glass in Production

Part of a rolling programme the project measurement from homeowner satisfaction survey from Profix is showing a 99.8% satisfaction level. This survey is just one element of the audit process carried out by the company. Key partners include: Fabstore, Birmingham Airport, Pilkington, Edgtech and Birmingham City Council.

“This has been a rewarding project, not just for us but to see the positive impact these windows have on the residents surrounding the airport. Thanks to our in-house glass processing division we are capable of developing some technically advanced window solutions.”

Alan Sadler

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The ProDoor Composite Door

Make a Grand Entrance

The Profix Group’s composite door, Pro-Door, offers a number of unique product options for fabricators and installers. There’s even a bespoke marketing package that extends to brochures and a personalised web-based design and quotation system. It’s arguably the first composite door offering with such flexibility. 

Pro Door is aimed at trade so they can buy fully manufactured doors, door kits, glazed machined blanks or just machined blanks. For fabricators it means the opportunity to utilise existing labour, retain some element of manufacturing margin, but without the major stocking issue of space and money. 

For those companies looking for a fully finished door, it comes with Secured by Design (BD), the new PAS 23/24 and Kitemark accreditations and a 20 year guarantee. Security is enhanced thanks to the inclusion of high security cylinders as standard that are designed to withstand drilling, picking, bumping and snapping. Finally, the door is finished off with a range of suited hardware in white, black, chrome and gold plus many more. 

Over 12 million Combinations

The marketing package includes a brochure that can be personalised and a very impressive web-based design and quotation system, that’s very simple and yet effective to use. This system can be personalised for the trade customer with logo, contact details, additional information pages and even pricing mark-ups. This means the opportunity to price a door in front of the consumer, close the sale and send the order thanks to a very impressive package.

The composite door market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the glazing industry and Pro-Door from Fabstore is now providing installers and fabricators with a perfectly tailored product and marketing support offering.

Alan Sadler

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Protherm Energy Saving Window

Protherm Energy Saving Window

With so much of focus on environmental decline and economical pressure its good to have some good news that will go some way to help both issues. Over the last 2 years The Profix Group have been developing a new product range ready for the new challenges our market has to face. With the help from Duraflex, Pilkington, Saintg-Gobain,Edgetech and the BFRC working with BSI we have developed a range of windows that will directly consumers.

Energy Saving Trust Approved

The new “Pro-Therm” window embraces all what is needed for a good Social Housing and Domestic window with added environmental benefits, the specification we have created exceeds current and proposed building regulations but gives added qualities that not only adds value to your product selection but will save you money and reduce Carbon emissions.

Profix have developed the Pro-Therm window range for the social housing specifier and Homeowner which includes ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ rated windows under the UK’s Window Energy Ratings (WERs) scheme and can also boast considerable green credentials too, in addition to this the Pro-Therm range is approved by the Energy Saving Trust.

Run by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), the WERs form part of the UK’s national system for rating the energy efficiency of windows and is recognised within the Building Regulations. PVCu windows also carry an A+ rating in the new online Green Guide to specification and the Pro-Therm window profiles are also extruded using an environmentally-friendly lead-free compound.

A Rated Window

The installation of Pro-Therm ‘A’ rated windows can help save up to £250 per year on energy billsand around 1.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions within an average domestic building. For those involved in social housing there could be considerable savings to be made by cutting expensive utility costs and a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions. 

Pro-Therm windows carry some of the sector’s greenest credentials for a PVCu window along with Profix’s BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental standard, product Kitemarks, Secured by Design accreditations and offer the best value in the long term with an overall life cycle expectancy of 35 years. The windows also offer up to a 2dB reduction in noise and up to 70% less condensation through the use of Super Spacer®.

The life cycle expectancy is supported by a 15 year profile warranty, 20 year sealed unit warranty and the hardware and fixings have successfully undergone salt spray testing and performs in excess of BS EN 1670 Grade 5 and come with a 15 year warranty. 

Alan Sadler

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