Rome 2 Home Charity Cycle Ride

Mont Ventux

Alan Sadler on Mont Ventoux

It is an honour to be part of the GM Fundraising team who completed the epic Rome 2 Home cycling adventure on Saturday 19th June 2010 at Hope House Children’s Hospices, after 9 gruelling days on the road across Europe. For those involved it was arguably the toughest challenge yet for the team as a whole.

Difficult roads, complex navigation issues and 12 hour days were some of the immediate challenges for both riders and crew, but the test of riding up Mont Ventoux, one of the Tour de France’s most feared climbs, was perhaps the highlight for many.

The biggest challenge was to get everyone safely up to the 6,273 foot summit after 26km in the saddle and they all achieved it, followed by a descent to the hotel at speeds in excess of 50mph. Total mileage was 1,507 with a 102 hour riding time and a total of 46,418 feet of climbing during the ride.

Individual stats included an average of 30,851 calories burned per person and an average of 161,682 pedal turns. Given these statistics it would be clear to any sports scientist that each and every rider gave it their all.

Job Done ! With Staff and Children at Hope House

What a fantastic achievement for us all and that includes both riders and support crew, it was far tougher than we anticipated. Now the task is to get the money pledged to us, collected and passed onto the Hospice where it’s most needed.

In conclusion, a massive thank you to everyone who was supported and followed us, your contributions will make a real difference to the children and families at Hope House and that is exactly why we do them. It’s not too late to make a donation to help us reach our £55,000 target, log on to

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Alan Sadler

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Hello world!

Hello World

Alan Sadler

My name is Alan Sadler, born June 24th 1964 in Birmingham, England married with 3 children and now living in Staffordshire.

I am Managing Director of  The Profix Group incorporating Profix Ltd, Fabstore Ltd and Trinity Construction Partnership Ltd, I originally trained as a Carpenter after leaving school and following my apprenticeship created a labour agency at the age of 22 called Sadler Design Installation.

This was in the early years of the PVCu window industry boom and it was not long until we was providing skilled craftsmen to window manufacturing companies and Local Authorities for their commercial contracts.

Due to type of commercial contracts awarded and the large quantities of product the company was buying it was a natural progression to start our own manufacturing business to supply the Private Sector.

Profix have a long history of success in the commercial market for the installation of windows, doors, conservatories and other associated products including Composite doors as our customer base will bear testament.

The Profix Group also supply other window and door manufactures including installers with products and components through our online business portal Fabstore which has been marketing and trading online since 2003.

My outlook on life is simple, love your family, work hard, have fun and try to help others less fortunate than yourself, I do a bit of charity work which usually means punishing myself in some sport related scheme and trust me I am no sportsman !

I have had much success (and a few failures) in my working life and hopefully by sharing some of my life experiences will help generations of budding entrepreneurs to follow.

Thanks for your interest and I hope my future posts will be of some interest.

Alan Sadler

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